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Edgar Bartolomeu
Edgar BartolomeuBartolomeu, Edgar
#14 - D - 5'10" - 170
September 14, 1976 - Angola (Angola)

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Relationship status
Favorite TV show(s)
Favorite movie(s)
Gladiator and Memento
Most recent movie seen
Favorite Music/Artist/Band(s)
Music - Zouk / Soul ; Band - Boys II Men / Davide et Corinne.
Most recent concert attended
Sons do Atlântico - Luanda, Angola (Various Artists show)
Favorite Book/Author(s)
Book - Mestre Tamoda e Outros Contos; Author - Pepetela (Angolan Literacy)
Most recent book read
Yaka (from Pepetela)
Favorite quote
Che Guevara "It’s better to die standing up than to live on your knees"
Favorite sports other than soccer (playing)
Favorite vacation location
Bora Bora
Favorite city that you've lived in
Favorite color
Favorite food/restaurant
Food - Grilled Cuttlefish and Cod fish with baked potatoes and Vegetables / Restaurant - Red Lobster and Chimarão (Rodízio)
Food that I shouldn't like so much... but I do
Triple Chocolate Cake
The strangest food you've ever eaten
Durien Fruit waffle cookies
Who is/was your most influential coach and/or mentor? Why?
Paul Kitson. He was the first person to really believe in me, was always true to his word above all, never breaking a promise, written or unwritten. He was a friend, a brother and a father figure to me.
Favorite soccer team to watch?
Why do you wear your jersey number?
I wear number 14 because my birthday is on the 14th, my wife´s is on the 7th. So 7+7 equals 14. My actual favourite jersey and old MISL number is 77 that was the perfect combination of all factors (77 = 7+7=14)
Which opposing player/team do you have the most respect for?
Player: Zé Roberto (San Diego Sockers), great friend and opponent ; Team: Milwaukee
Which teammate do you share a hotel room with on road trips?
Last Season - Doug Miller / Jake Schindler; this season none
If I weren't playing soccer, I would probably be...
Working at the Angolan Capital Markets Commission (Stock Exchange Commission)
You just won $10 million! What do you do first? What do you do next?
First - Help my family ; Second - Build a Soccer Academy for Children and Youth from Impoverished neighbourhoods and countries.
When I'm not playing or practicing with the Lancers, you'll probably find me...
At home on my computer
Role models (non-athletes)
Nelson Mandela (Madiba)
Something my fans/teammates would be surprised to find out about me
I gave up a monthly 5 digit pay job to go back playing soccer
If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?
Nelson Mandela. For the opportunity to be in the presence of a great man with a different mind set.
What grinds your gears? Your pet-peeves
People doubting my honesty and people that aren’t 100% honest
Do you have a nickname?
Gianni / The Professor
Most embarrassing moment
Having to leave a outdoor game in the first half because of diarrhea
Most triumphant moment
Winning the MISL championship for the 1st time with the Philadelphia Kixx in Milwaukee
What is the biggest sporting event you've attended?
Juventus vs Manchester United
Who is the person who has inspired you most in your lifetime?
Nelson Mandela
What is the one thing you would change about yourself or the world, if you could?
I would change the conception that "Money rules the World" to "Caring rules the world"
Mac or PC?
Boxers or briefs?
Smart or "dumb" phone?
Really smart
Blondes or brunettes?
No preferences - Personality

Pro Indoor

In his second year with the Lancers, Edgar came out strong and steady as a key defender on a team hungry for a championship.  Unexpectedly, he needed to take a leave of absence for family reasons during the middle of the season.  However, when he returned the former MLS player was in raw form, looking as sharp as ever.  He finished the season with a goal and two assists, but his veteran presence and composure helped a young team advance to the Eastern Divisional finals.

Edgar recorded his first season with the Lancers in the 2013-14 season where he recorded 19 blocks on defense as well as three goals and an assists for a total of nine points.

He began his professional indoor career in 200, playing nearly 150 professional indoor games, spending time with the Buffalo Blizzards and the Philadelphia Kixx. Bartolomeu led the Kixx to two MISL Championships and reached the playoffs every season he was with the team.

Pro Outdoor

He signed his first professional contract with the Toronto Lynx in 1999.  He played 18 games with the New York/ New jersey MetroStars of the MLS.  Bartolomeu has also displayed his winning tradition in the USL Pro, winning a championship with the Long Island Rough Riders.


Bartolomeu moved to Canada from Angola as a child.

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